Climbing Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Tours

Rest assured that with our expert guides, you will be successful

Climb Kilimanjaro the highest peak in Africa and the world’s highest freestanding mountain at 5895 metres. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is a great challenge and entirely feasible for the active traveller or keen trekker looking for something new and adventurous. Through different routes each with special & unique experience but all heading to one peak. Unique Pathways offers you the chance to climb this world famous giant in total comfort. All you need to carry on this luxury trek is a small day sack which offers you the best chance to reach the summit. Each day you will benefit from camps that have been professionally set up prior to your arrival by your private team of local porters. All amenities from dining tents, mess tents, to your own private tents will be at your disposal. In all our Kilimanjaro treks we feature a chemical ‘toilet’ tent so that we can give you total comfort whilst trekking on this majestic Mountain.

Kilimanjaro is not a climbing mountain. That is what makes it so appealing to the amateur. It’s probably the only mountain that grants equal opportunities for trekkers of all ages and fitness levels to reach its summit.

You don’t need any alpine climbing experience, no crampons, ice axes, ropes or any sort of technical equipment required on alpine climbs unless you’re doing the almost technical Western Breach.

There are very few places on each route which requires you to use your hands as well as your feet. Mostly, it is just an uphill trek and any reasonably fit person stands an even chance of reaching the summit.

Fully Licensed and Experienced Kilimanjaro Guides

In 1991, the park authorities at Kilimanjaro made it compulsory for all trekkers to arrange their walk through a licensed agency. Furthermore, they insist that all trekkers must be accompanied throughout their walk by a guide supplied by the agency. Here at Unique Pathways we work with a fully licensed Guides recognized by Ministry of Tourism & Kilimanjaro Authority and they are all Active Member of different Association within Tanzania. Doesn’t matter how big your Group is whilst trekking with us you will be accompanied by enough number of well trained and experienced number of guides and porters.

Our Guide

  • Fluent in English and Swahili
  • Each guide has 100+ professional summits of Kilimanjaro
  • Each of our Guides they strong background with Kilimanjaro Mountain Including years of serving as porters
  • Trained to use extensive emergency equipment, including Gamow bags, stretchers, AEDs, oxygen and life-saving medications
  • Regularly check guests for signs of altitude sickness
  • Trained in high-altitude evacuation

Our 100% success rate on Kilimanjaro is our diligence and implementation of effective protocols for the health and safety of every climber – from the food Our Clients consume to the medical support they receive during all days of Climbing.

In every treks we have our guides will be conducting healthy checkup each day after arriving at the Camp or during days while trekking if someone doesn’t feel well.

Ensure your safety during your trek with us Our team will be carrying equipments such as

  • Two ways Communication Radios and Satelite phones in case of emergency evacuations
  • Clean Water and proper hander sanitization protocols in all our Climb we are equipped with Katadyn Expedition Water Filtration Units Clean water is critical to your health on the climb. Katadyn is one of the only water filtration systems endorsed by the World Health Organization to guarantee pure water.
  • Pulse Oximeter, thermometer and automatic blood pressure machine
  • Supplemental Oxygen
  • A fully kitted professional expedition medical & first aid kit with full resuscitation capabilities
  • Durable Mountain Hardware© 2 & 3 man sleeping tents
  • Chemically treated water flushable portable toilet